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Town and Country Planning

The single most onerous factor in whether a new cell site or cell site upgrade is successfully established is its progress through the Town and Country Planning process. 

Unlike other elements that can be assisted by the application of additional funds through additional rents, or higher build costs, Town and Country Planning problems cannot be overcome in the same way. It is therefore imperative that the quality of the work undertaken in this field is uppermost.

Our Planning Consultants add most value when engaged at an early stage and will provide professional and pragmatic advice prior to initial site visit and the production of general arrangement planning drawings. They will offer practical advice regarding the siting of equipment and antennas and advise on how best to minimise visual impact whilst maintaining the cell site’s operational effectiveness. Our consultants will always do a historical check on prior applications to ascertain the chances of a successful application before an option is selected and progressed to site survey, thus preventing wasted time and effort in selecting sites with no hope of achieving a successful planning outcome.

One Network Services Consultants will always carefully and professionally evaluate a suitable solution to ensure that the chosen option has the maximum chance of success throughout the planning process. They will work in tandem with site design engineers to ensure that the best solution is submitted to the local authority.  

Throughout the process, our consultants will undertake pre and post application consultation with the Local Planning Authority officer and where required attend committee meetings to represent our Client’s interests in support of an application.

In addition, 1NS is able to provide realistic photo-montages of proposals, and even undertake detailed animations to show how a proposed design solution would look from the street or nearby view points. This attention to detail clearly demonstrates that all 1NS planning applications are carefully appraised and the design and its affects on the surrounding area are carefully considered prior to lodging a planning application.  

1NS’s Town and Country Planning Services are carried out strictly in adherence with  the Code of Best Practice on Mobile Phone Network Development. All work is undertaken under the supervision of an accredited MRTPI Planning Consultant to ensure the highest quality standards are maintained and monitored throughout.