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Site Surveys

One Network Services understands that in today’s telecoms networks, operators need to be able to plan and deploy technology upgrade programmes quickly and efficiently to ensure they are able to deliver competitive services to their customers.

To ensure that these equipment upgrades can be implemented as planned, 1NS offers Site Survey teams that can quickly and accurately establish:-

  • Available telecoms equipment locations
  • Available AC and DC electrical system capacity
  • Feeder management solutions
  • RRU locations and mounting methods
  • Antenna types, combiners, LNA’s etc.  

This information can be quickly and effectively compiled to form a work package instruction for Installation, Commissioning and Rigging contractors, enabling upgrade works to proceed with the certainty of knowing exactly what equipment is where on any given site.

1NS also offer these I&C and Rigging Services, and can therefore offer an integrated scope of services to ensure projects are completed seamlessly and to the highest of standards for its clients.