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Project Management

Whether it’s a single strand or a complete suite of turnkey services, One Network Services supplies an unrivalled level of Project Management and co-ordination to its clients.

By clearly defining the scope of its deliverables and the acceptance criteria by which those deliverables will be controlled 1NS ensures that all projects are driven towards completion by its experienced and skilled Project Managers.

Our methodology begins at the pre-commencement stage where we carry out detailed Project Planning using planning tools such as MS Project 2013, and our own proprietary software to model resource demand from MS Project plans. During the planning stage, our experienced PM’s will evaluate and provide mitigation strategies for project risks, and will clearly document how these eventualities will be dealt with.

By using our in house Performant.com database suite, 1NS are able to provide detailed reporting for clients, including forecasting both demand and delivery in any future period.

Our Project Management ethos is such that each contract on which we work will have its own Project Management Plan, a written guide provided to everyone working on that project to ensure that they understand how the project is to be operated and the communication and organisational plans employed by 1NS, its Clients and sub-contract partners.

1NS believes that its Project Managers must act with sufficient autonomy to carry out their work without undue interference and as such it empowers its PM’s with full responsibility for both the delivery and profitability of a project, within a defined framework of supervision appropriate to the complexity of that project.

From a single site acquisition deal, to a 1000+ site turnkey upgrade project, 1NS has the skills, tools and experience to deliver on time and with a high level of customer satisfaction.