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Network Consolidation

Network Consolidation

With the mobile industry becoming ever more competitive, operators are looking to reduce their operating costs, and are increasingly focussing on their radio networks as an area in which they can make savings. 
 Since 2007 the mobile network development model has changed, with operators looking to share or reduce costs on annual rents, passive infrastructure and leased bandwidth charges. T-Mobile, Orange and 3 are now jointly managing their networks through MBNL, and Telefonica O2 and Vodafone have formed Cornerstone Telecommunication Infrastructure Limited, a joint venture company to charged with consolidation of approximately 20,000 cell sites into a single consolidated property portfolio. 
The effect of this consolidation are varied, but all introduce an added level of complexity into infrastructure works due to the interdependences between operators needs. 
Two specific areas that have grown out of the trend towards consolidation are:-